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Gothenburg Film Festival

For its 2018 edition Gothenburg Film Festival choose the theme Nordic Nationalism. Our mission was to launch and raise awareness of the theme through public relations and social channels.

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creating awareness

Nationalism is on the rise worldwide. We see it in Europe, in the US and in the Nordic countries. Our client Gothenburg Film Festival, wanted to highlight that Nazi and racist sympathies exist in our society on several levels. That's why they in 2018 chose Nordic Nationalism as the theme of their festival. Our mission was to launch and raise awareness of the festival's theme through public relations and social channels. And, at the same time, clearly demonstrate what they stand for; their core values.


deepening the discussion

For 40 years, the Gothenburg Film Festival have worked for openness and international culture exchange. For them, it's necessary to take a stand against dangerous political movements in our time, but also to deepen the discussion of what nationalism is, and can be, through the art of film. If we create awareness that engages a lot of people, we can shed light on the festival's central issue.


the issues in the spotlight

We chose to highlight three places where nationalistic hate crimes were committed. Literally. Three tall pillars cast light from the football pitch in the segregated residential area where the children were called "immigrant scum" by the opposing team's parents, from the lake where John Hron was beaten to death by racists and outside the refugee quarters where NMR detonated a bomb and a person was seriously injured. Next to the lights we added signs explaining why we were highlighting these specific places. Through an opinion piece in national media, we explained the purpose of the light action. As not all of the citizens of Gothenburg would see the pillars of light, we filmed them and spread the clip on social media.

what we did
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