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How popular can an online gift shop with just cat food really be, one might ask? The answer: Incredibly. If there is a higher purpose. Like truly making a difference for homeless cats.

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The homelessness amongst cats are mostly due to the cat owners’ inadequate knowledge of how to take care of a cat. So how can we change that?

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What could have become a conventional case of sponsoring grew into a great and innovative success for both Volvo and Vasaloppet.

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Volvo Cars

For its 2018 edition Gothenburg Film Festival choose the theme Nordic Nationalism. Our mission was to launch and raise awareness of the theme through public relations and social channels.

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time to get enlightened

Gothenburg Film Festival

Not many people know Mölndal Energi offer fossil free electricity. Because the first supplier of fossil free energy in Sweden hasn’t bothered to tell anyone. Not even their own customers.

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Mölndal Energi

Sometimes companies growth are so fast and passionate that their brands don’t keep up with them. They need to anchor and calibrate the brand’s identity with the company’s new me.

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make the sea transparent


There are few places that have such a strong identity and distinct culture. Taking on Majorna without stepping on the toes of history requires its footwork.

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Skånetrafiken wanted to encourage travelers to become more digital and use the travel app.

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nästa hållplats: framåt 2020


A new brand from Coca-Cola is introduced at the Way Out West music festival. How do we reach the festival visitors with a brand-new drink?

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experience honest