Volvo Cars

What could have become a conventional case of sponsoring grew into a great and innovative success for both Volvo and Vasaloppet.

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24 86 58
2 %
increase in Volvo brand preference
9 %
chose volvospåret
6 %
shared the film

connect with the target group

Volvo's challenge was to connect to the target group; the participants of the competition. The aim was to get them to experience Volvo's brand promise: Designed Around You. A promise that entails that wherever you meet Volvo, they understand you and your needs – even when the car is not in centre. Statistics showed that the biggest challenge was to be relevant and part of the participants´ total experience.


the feeling of accomplishment

In order to connect to the participants, who are only focused on one thing: to cross the finish line in Mora, we needed to create something really meaningful to them. Our insights was based on the participants major achievement; all the feelings involved in the accomplishment, both hope and fear. Most of them did not have any friends or family joining them in Mora. It was a one-person adventure and possibly one of the most challenging experiences of their lifetime.


a tribute concept

We created a tribute concept – the Volvospåret – intending to highlight and honour each individual competitor, paying homage to their performance. With unique tribute films, in the same spirit as all Volvo commercials, but with the performer as the hero. When crossing the finish line in Mora, each skier was able to watch the film and easily share it with family and friends as well as posting it on social media.

what we did
  • Idea and concept
  • Design and technical set-up
  • Film production
  • Communication strategy
  • PR and SoMe
  • Event staffing