nästa hållplats: framåt 2020


Skånetrafiken wanted to encourage travelers to become more digital and use the travel app.


a sensitive issue

In 2019 on December 14th Skånetrafiken closed down its “Jojo-card” and replaced all ticket machines. Routines for ticket purchases were changed, some ticket types disappeared, and others were added. This was the biggest thing that has happened to Skånetrafiken in 10 years and was a sensitive issue for travelers, partly because it became more expensive in some places and people really liked the “Jojo-card”.


in person

Travelers were upset and insecure about how to buy their tickets in the future. Our mission was to carry out an information campaign in Skåne, informing people about the change to the new ticket system. By meeting the passengers in person, we could pass on the new information in a safe, calm and clear matter.


next stop forward

Our concept went hand in hand with Skånetrafiken’s overall information campaign – “Now the journey continues.” With the insight about how difficult the change can be for the passengers we communicated “Next stop forward”. We split Skåne into three regions and had a total of 35 staff members passing out information at different train stations, in teams of 3-5, depending on which stops they were at. They handed out brochures, candy and give-aways.

what we did
  • Idea & concept
  • Event staffing