make the sea transparent


Sometimes companies growth are so fast and passionate that their brands don’t keep up with them. They need to anchor and calibrate the brand’s identity with the company’s new me.


brand calibration

MMT is a Swedish company that has explored the seven seas since 1976. They offer the best set up of skills, boats and innovations for companies, countries and governments that need to visualize the seabed. Our mission was to create a new website – but we saw a brand that didn't keep up with the company's strong growth and passionate employees.


why do you exist?

To capture the true identity of the company, we first need to find out why the company exists – what it wants to achieve, what difference it wants to make. And at the same time identify and define the brand's position and values.

the idea

two steps

Our solution consisted of two parts: 1) Surveys, interviews with customers and employees, workshops and development of the company's brand platform was the base of the brand promise "Together we make the sea transparent" and the updated graphic profile. 2) That we exchanged into a new website and user journey, movies, ads, spatial identity etc.

what we did
  • Brand platform
  • Idea and concept
  • Visual identity
  • UX design
  • Website (including design and content)
  • Movies
  • Ads