Mölndal Energi

Not many people know Mölndal Energi offer fossil free electricity. Because the first supplier of fossil free energy in Sweden hasn’t bothered to tell anyone. Not even their own customers.

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Increase in purchase intention among those who saw the outdoor campaign

nobody knows

To tell the truth, not many people outside of the Mölndal area even know Mölndal Energi exist. And those who do, don't have a clue that they offer fossil free electricity in their own production. Because the first supplier of energy in Sweden to be fossil free hasn't bothered to tell anyone. Not even their own customers.


nobody cares

Let's face the facts. Electricity contracts are not that sexy. To say the least, electricity is a low-interest product where the market's main focus has been pricing. Although most of us don't even know what we pay per kilowatt-hour.


en riktig nolla

Let's make our customers aware that they are heroes, as they are already using fossil free electricity, and make them proud ambassadors. And let's, with a little help from our friends, showcase that it is possible to make a difference for the environment by choosing the right electricity supplier. With the ambition to encourage more people to take responsibility of their electricity consumption while spreading positive energy, we ran the advertising campaign on TV, in social media and outdoor advertising.

what we did
  • Research
  • Idea & Concept
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Interactive outdoor ads
  • Print media
  • Direct marketing
  • Social Media
  • Films
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