How popular can an online gift shop with just cat food really be, one might ask? The answer: Incredibly. If there is a higher purpose. Like truly making a difference for homeless cats.

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kg of cat food collected so far
portions served to homeless cats

a little money must go a long way

There are more than 100 000 homeless cats living in Sweden. Some of them can thank their lucky stars for ending up in shelters for homeless cats where they get a second chance in life. But the cat shelters are depending on donations and gifts from cat lovers. They face difficulties every day trying to make a small sum of money go a long way. The cats living there are in greet need of much more than love. They need medical care which is very expensive. Still, the daily need that comes first is always to make sure there is food on the table. And at the same time, outside their door, the queues of homeless cats wanting to move in are growing by the day.


small contributions can make a big difference

By bringing food to the shelters we help make sure that there is money left over for healthcare. If we can make it easy for people all over Sweden to help the homeless cats by donating food more will do so. The result, shelters will have more money left to provide medical care for more homeless cats. Which equals a bigger chance for the cats to get adopted.

the idea

the cat food gift shop

By turning a good deed into a gift and wrapping it nicely, we make it easy for people to make a difference for the homeless cats while buying a nice present for someone. And by marketing cat food as the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or Christmas even more people will come to the rescue of the homeless cats. With each gift, the chances of cats leaving the shelter and moving to a new home increase. In other words, exit through the gift shop.

what we did
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