experience honest


A new brand from Coca-Cola is introduced at the Way Out West music festival. How do we reach the festival visitors with a brand-new drink?

distributed samples


In 2019, Coca-Cola launches the drink Honest on the Swedish market. Honest is an organic beverage brand with among other things, ice-tea, cold coffee drinks and lemonades. As part of the launch, Honest would be a sponsor of the music festival Way Out West in Gothenburg. With over 30 000 festival visitors over a three-day period, our goal was to let visitors experience Honest – the product and the brand. In addition, a tactical goal was set to distribute 30 000 samples.


a natural connection

Way Out West takes place in the middle of the lush park Slottskogen. For an unknown brand, in the Swedish market, it can be difficult to stand out among all known sponsors. On the other hand, Honest already has its natural connection to the festival, in values from an ecological, economic and social sustainability perspective. By focusing on the brand’s identity and tastes, we can become a natural part of the festival.


attracting visitors

With a visually appealing event area, we lifted the refreshing drinks with a green-clad stand of lemons and green leaves. We created a natural hangout area for the festival visitors with among other things, a photo-friendly swing. We also attracted visitors to our stand with the help of a successful influencer collaboration. After three days of both sun and rain, we exceeded our set goal with a total of 37 350 distributed samples.

what we did
  • Idea & concept
  • Event area
  • Social posts with influencers
  • Event staffing